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Dang, what a year this was! So much was happening in the world and in my life on and off Newgrounds, everything feels like it was so long ago!

Okay, enough dramatization.

I can't say WHY exactly I'm doing this, but I just feel like I HAVE to. So, uh, here goes nothing.

This account's life started with Bet, followed by probably my main decision here on Newgrounds - I took part in GDTrickshot's Drop Contest "Get Out", and my drop got 4'th place, which I was happy about. Many others also have taken part, and I think they all deserve attention, so GO CHECK 'EM ALL OUT.

Next was my Mini Ladd Remix, made with just a kick, a snare, a sub, and his "sample pack", if you cold call it that, since there's only 1 sound, which was manipulated in different ways to create all basses in the track. The whole situation with Craig probably hit and divided many people, so I'm just going to skip this one.

Later I discovered Vortonox, who was hosting a remix competition at that time. And, you guessed it, I entered it! Not really for the prizes, just to try my hand at remixing stuff...to enter yet another remix contest, this time for GHTrickshot's "Suiteki Remix Contest".

And then the NGUAC happened. I, of course, decided to join. But first, I had to submit a track for the wery first round. There were 2 options for that specific round: either submit one of your previous works, or create a new one. And I went with the second option. And got through! Though, my submission for the next round wasn't that lucky.

Next major things were my 2 remixes - Microwave Remix (original by Sup3rsp4rk) and a MYTHIC Remix (original by GDTrickshot). While the second one was for yet another remix contest, the microwave one was just for the fun. And let me tell ya, it was fun as hell.

A bit later happened probably the most bizzare thing in my life on Newgrounds...A FRICKIN' FRONTPAGE. It literally came outta nowhere, out of the blue- whatever! The track that got frontpaged is Forgiveness, made with only free stuff, like stock FL drums & plugins + Surge. I don't know why 5k people thought this tracks deserved their attention, but ok.

And lastly, my latest track - Piece of Shit. Quite self explanatory.


So, that was it, huh? When laid out like this, all these days seem like.. nothing. But enough about the past! Later today I'll upload a compillation of tracks that I've worked on this year, but didn't get to finish, so they'll be uploaded next year. A sort of a look into the future.

(Wow, you actually read it through! Or maybe you just skipped everything. Well, doesn't matter. In the end, I wanna tell you to stay safe out there, and keep hoping for the better, whatever you think it is!)


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